Saturday, March 10, 2012

6 year newlywed love.

Growing up,I never fully understood why my parents wanted to go out together on a date or with other couples. Now 30 years later, I now see the importance of having that special time out without children.

While sitting feeding the kids before leaving for my date,Olivia says "why do you always go on dates with Daddy without us?" to which her brother says "because she doesn't like kids",and then he giggles and says just joking. I looked at them and said Mommy loves all three of you and that's why Mommy goes on dates with Daddy.

It leads me to encourage each of my friends whether you have babies,toddlers,or teenagers. Instill in them the importance of "date night" with your husband/wife. Let them see that no matter how much time goes by,and how old they get,that you still enjoy the company of each other. I look at my parents and am very thankful that they went on dates,and showed me what a healthy relationship looked like. We had family pictures taken not to long ago,and my parents took several pictures together. When I saw them developed it brought tears to my eyes just looking at them and seeing in those photos the love that my parents show to each other. A genuine love,that goes deeper than just the outward appearance. A sweet love!

I absolutely love being with my children,and learning and growing with them,but there is also that time that I need to be with the man who I created those beautiful children with and reconnect on an emotional level that I will never have taken away from me. After 6 years of marriage, I sat with my husband tonight and learned things I didn't know before,and it gave me a stronger love for him. I look at older couples walking around and they're holding hands and still affectionate toward each other,and I look forward to being that older couple that one day maybe someone younger will look at us and think.."That's what I want." So husbands court your wife, and wives get out of those work out clothes (mommy gear as I call it) and put a little makeup on,and spray a little purfume on,and go on a date with that man that wooed you,and made your heart pitter patter. You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner! Make that time for your mate,they're worth it!

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