Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This morning as I scrolled through FB,I was overwhelmed at the amount of posts there were about the debate that was on last night. I know,I know, I shouldn't be surprised I mean, it was like that the last debate,and the debate before that,and well the debate before that. 

It's just that whether positive or negative,true,or false, I feel like we as whole think it is "ok" to voice our opinions because, "It is our Freedom of Speech!" or because "it's my facebook page and I can put what I want,you don't have to read it!" Yet do we really with a clear mind and heart think before we speak and put it out there in a public forum? Do we take into consideration what the Lord may think of our opinions and us voicing them or are we speaking out in the heat of the moment? 

I am not perfect when it comes to refraining from stating my opinion. However the Lord has convicted me in those areas,and I'm still daily learning to keep my mouth shut unless it will edify or build another up. It is very easy to get caught up in the heat of a moment and share how we feel about things,whether political or otherwise, but we need to remember that if we are putting it out in a public forum or speaking in person to someone, you never know who is listening. 

All of this has also brought to my attention that while we may like one political party more than another, the way you speak of that particular party in front of our children leads them to believe the way you do because they love us and trust and respect us. Really though,do you want them or anyone else to vote one way or the other because you want them to,or because they have made that decision on their own with the guidance of the Lord. If we're saying how foolish one is they're going to trust that he/she is foolish,and repeat it to someone else. I want my children to seek the Lord's guidance and wisdom when the day comes that they vote. That I can explain to them the important sides of each party and where they stand and ultimately trust the Lord's leading in their vote. We need to be careful how we speak about others politically or in general. Cause if we are so outspoken on politics and the issues we don't believe they do, or say,then what are we saying about others even friends in the "freedom of speech, or I have a right to my opinion" in other areas of life. 

I do have an opinion,and I will practice my right to vote,however the way I feel and choose to vote is between the Lord an I and the way I feel He is leading me and NOTHING else. I want nothing more than to keep my opinions and thoughts on politics to myself and pray and seek the Lord's face on behalf of our country,and even our state and local government. The best thing you and I can do is to not speak,but to pray that the Lord's will be done,and then TRUST HIM!

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