Thursday, August 9, 2012

I figured since I described my emotions for Olivia on her first day of school,I didn't want to leave my boys out. I love them all equally and they were just as sweet that day.

The night before Adam's first day of school he had quite a bit of anxiety. The poor thing has a ginormous fear of people in costumes. This fear was already there,but heightened more 2 yrs ago at Halloween when there was a house we trick or treated at that had a man wearing a hockey mask and came towards him with a running chainsaw....ok, so even this mama was a bit scared,but anger overshadowed that fear that night. Anyway,so you get my point of why he's scared. Well at the sneek a peak that the school had where you meet the teachers and see classrooms,they had the school's mascot which happens to be a cougar,and wouldn't you know that just as we're coming up the hallway the mascot comes around the corner with the principal and scares Adam to where he is grabbing hold of me,and hiding behind me as best he can.( Side note: kudos to the principal for apologizing and for the mascot covering his/her eyes and trying to get away fast so as not to scare him any longer than necessary.) Getting back to the night before the first day, Adam was expressing his fear of this mascot and how he didn't want to see it the first day of school,and proceeded to give us this same story for about 30 mins straight. To which we continued to reassure him that it wouldn't be there,and that he would be fine,and that the teacher would protect him,just like I had if any occasion like that happened again. Ok,folks this child wasn't buying our encouragement. So after like I said 30 mins,I asked him if it would help if I typed an email to the teacher,he agreed that would work but that I still needed to tell the teacher in the morning. For the rest of the night off an on he still brought it up,but wasn't quite as bad.

When he went to bed he reminded me yet again that I needed to tell the teacher and said "Please don't forget Mommy,cause you know you forget." I said "Adam, I promise I won't forget,but you help me not to ok?!" Wow,I maybe shouldn't have said that, he reminded me one more time before he went to sleep for the night. Then when I went into to wake him up,he hadn't even opened his eyes yet,and was saying "Mommy,don't forget to tell the teacher!" He said that to me at least a 100 more times before we left the house,and then another 100 times while walking into the school,and then another 2 times standing at the classroom door before the teacher even turned around to notice him. As I was trying to tell her,she stopped me and looked right at Adam and said "I got your Mommy's email and I will make sure that nothing happens to you while your with me,and will protect you" she then gave him a hug,all was good then. He gave me a hug,and kiss,and then went and sat down,as if nothing had ever happened.

He enjoyed his day at school ya'll,however unlike his sister he wasn't full of stories when he came home. Just that he got to go on the BIG playground,and saw two of his friends from his class last year and gave them a high five. THIS would be the difference in boys and girls people. Girls are talkative about the day with every detail imaginable,and boys the basics folks,just the basics. However I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that big boy of mine. He has ALOT of my personality to which I some days wonder how my parents are not in a loony bin. Adam has such a sweet spirit, sensitivity to others hurting,and love that goes to everyone. He can be shy,but I can not imagine my life without him in it. He brings me such joy to see the young man he is developing into. He may have some bumps in the road with worry and fear,but I keep praying that he will surrender it over to the Lord to give him the strength he needs to face those worries and fears. I know the Lord will develop him into the man He desires for Adam to be.

Psalm 55:22 

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

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